2K Premium

2K Premium

The 2K Premium is a section under the 2K Shop where you will find high value products from different categories which are sold for only N2,ooo(Two Thousand Naira).

Here are the Example of products you may find under the 2K  Premium

  • TV
  • Smart Phones
  • Clothes (Men & Women)
  • Wristwatch (Men & Women)
  • Electronics
  • Bags (Men & Women)
  • Shoes (Men & Women) etc…

While this may appear too good to be true, it’s actually going to happen in our app and our customers will enjoy the values.

  • However, there are conditions that will qualify you to buy these high value product for that amount.

These conditions may vary from products to products depending on the decision of our marketing team. However, the conditions will be clearly stated in the description of the product, one factor that would be common in the conditions is a track record of previous orders from Èkìtì Market.

  • Let take the product below as a case study.

  • The image above is a 6kg Gas Cylinder which is currently sold for N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) but this same product could be found in the 2K shop for N2,000 only. The conditions that qualifies anyone to buy this product at that price may look like the one below.


  • 5 Previous orders
  • Must not use coupon code
  • Must be purchased alone (not purchased with other products)
  • Buyer must be willing to take picture with Èkìtì Market and the picture may be used for advertisement purposes.

The above conditions may differ depending on the decision of our marketing team.

  • Please note that the minimum order listed in the conditions must be separate previous orders that has been marked ‘Completed‘. The number of products in each orders do not really matters.

You can find the list of your previous orders on you account page. Click here to see your orders

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