Don’t buy from Ekiti Market if you haven’t read this.

Don’t buy from Ekiti Market if you haven’t read this.

If you’re new to Ekiti Market, you need to know how Ekiti Market is structured and our mode of operation, this will help you in your shopping experience with us.

  • Apart from buying online, we also accept orders through WhatsApp. Just in case you didn’t find the product your are looking for.
First, you need to know that Ekiti Market is a multi-vendor marketplace, this mean that products on this online market belongs to different sellers.
Ekiti Market only serves as a platform where sellers can showcase their products online. Basically, we are here to connect buyers with sellers.
Having said that, there are things you need to watch out for before you buy and we have done our best to compile them on this page.
If you still have any questions after reading, please contact us on our line 07034673084(Call & WhatsApp)
We highly recommend that you read the description of a product first before buying it. The description does not just describe the product, most of the time it tells you how to get the product as well as the delivery process.
There are cases where you don’t have to click the buy button, all you need to do is to pick your phone and call the seller.
In order to give our sellers full control over their business, we allowed some of them to put their contact information in the description of the product, this way you can just call them and ask them any questions as regards the product.
But in a situation where you do not find any contact information in the description, chances are that Ekiti Market is the owner of that product or the seller is not authorized to post their contact details with the product. In such case you can contact us for enquiry.
We have three(3) mode of payment
a) Pay online with ATM card
In a situation where you want or must pay ahead of delivery you can choose this payment method, where you pay securely with your ATM card. Do not panic, your card details is 100% protected and is not revealed or visible to anyone, not even us.(Thanks to PAYSTACK)
b) Deposit or transfer to our bank account.
You can also use this method in a case where your are paying ahead of delivery, but keep in mind that when you choose this payment method, you are required to transfer or deposit the money immediately into our bank account. Until we receive bank alert we will not process your order. Here is our account number EKT Market/1016285753/Zenith Bank
c) Pay on delivery
95% of the products on our store can be bought and pay on delivery. If you’re buying from us or the seller asked you to buy online, pay on delivery is there for you to choose. Which means you  would see the product physically before paying for it (See & Buy ideology)
The only case where you may be mandated to pay ahead of delivery is if you’re buying a product sold by Ekiti Market  (and that’s on rare occasion) or times when we are running mega sales/discounts otherwise it’s optional.
When you are dealing with our sellers, never pay ahead unless you allow us to handle the transaction.
If you are paying ahead of delivery, we will notify the seller that you’ve paid, then the seller will send the product to us after which we will bring the product to you. It is when you receive the product and you are satisfied that we will release the money to the seller otherwise, you get a full refund.
Please report to us if any seller ask you to pay them in advance before sending the product.
Delivery duration may vary from seller to seller, in most cases it’s within 24hrs notwithstanding because some of our sellers are in Lagos, it may take longer than 24hrs.
In other to give allowance for unforeseen circumstances, delivery should be within 7 working days.
When you transact with Ekiti Market, we guarantee you of full refund(with apology) in case you do not get your product or you’re not please with the product.
But in a situation where you are transacting with a third party seller, you are responsible for your own security. (We strongly advise that you shouldn’t pay for a product you haven’t seen physically). We only take responsibility for transactions done with our consent.
We offer refund of your money only under the following conditions
a) You didn’t receive your order
b) If you cancelled your order ahead of delivery
c) If you reject the item at the point of delivery
  • Note: In a situation where you cancelled order at the point of delivery, you will still be responsible for the delivery fee.
If you have read to this point, then you are ready to start buying on Ekiti Market. Notwithstanding, it is your responsibility to review this page from time to time to see if there are any changes. But we will try our best to notify you if there are any changes.
  • For further inquiry please contact our customer service line on WhatsApp or call.  07034673084.
  • You can also contact the same number if you want to start selling with us.


Kind Regards
Ekiti Market & Team

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