Why you should switch to solar inverter power source

Why you should switch to solar inverter power source

Solar inverter is taking the center stage now for electrical power supply and the reason is simple, we all need electricity in our day-to-day activities and the PHCN/NEPA/BENIN ELECTRICITY or whatever they call themselves are not helping issue, they offer horrible customer service but they collect premium service money from us. over and over again they have broken our heart without apology to anyone, don’t even dare to owe them for one month because if you do, you too know what will happen. we can continue enumerating their failure but instead of crying over a spilled milk , I think we should find a reliable and sustainable alternative.

Our long-time alternative has been generator set, while generator is good, it also has it’s downsides. For example, the noise could be very annoying at times, another thing is that no fuel no light, the smoke is also an hazard to our community, maintenance is overwhelming etc

But we still need electrical energy, we still need to move our lives forward that is why solar inverter is the best solution.

Solar inverter are electrical power generating equipment that gives a reliable, durable, dependable, efficient, effective and constant power supply. solar inverter is by far the best source for electrical energy because after evaluating the pros & cons all I could see is advantages.

Why you should switch to solar inverter.

  1.  24 hours power supply is guaranteed
  2.  No noise compare to generator
  3.  There is stability
  4.  You have full control
  5.  No oil, No fuel needed
  6.  No daunt maintenance
  7.  No monthly fee
  8.  Best part, it is cheaper

I know if you have a little idea about solar inverter you may disagree that it is cheaper.

But let take for example, there are three people who are paying for electricity, the first person use Benin electricity, the second person use generator and the last person use solar inverter. when you calculate how much they have spent individually after 2 years, you will discover that the last man that use solar inverter have spent far lesser than the other two people, so in the true sense solar inverter is far cheaper.

And as you always know that we here at Ekiti Market are just naturally committed to you, we want the best for you and we will keep on giving you tips that will make life more comfortable for you.

We have done our best to put together how you can set up solar inverter power source for your home or office.

First off let me introduce you to Stephanas Technology. They are young and innovative entrepreneurs who specializes in electrical works and installations, their service includes Solar inverter installation, house wiring, Digital satellite decoder, Electrical fence, Raid & fire alarm, CCTV installation.

See Stephanas Technology atwork in the images below…

You can contact STEPHANAS TECHNOLOGY on this lines 08032625811 or 08062910896. when you contact them they will give you more information on how to set it up but trust me they offer the best price around.

Now if you’re really interested in solar inverter and you’re low on budget for now, this tip will help you.

Solar inverter is made up of different components like Solar panel, Inverter, Battery and so on.

So why not contact Stephanas and tell them to give you a list of the components you will need

Now when you get the list, you can start buying the components one after the other. Trust me one day you will realize that you are almost ready to put up your own solar inverter energy system.

In summary, solar inverter remains the best electrical power source for you, GO FOR IT

I believe that this post would be helpful to you and that’s why we share it and we hope you love it too.

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