TopFeed Aqua (Floating Feed Pellets for Catfish)

TopFeed Aqua (Floating Feed Pellets for Catfish)



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Product Description

Do you need nutritious and well-formulated feed pellets for your fish? Our TopFeed premium and well known floating fish feed pellets (extruded) come highly recommended from a wide range of customers and aquaculture experts.

  • We offer the Extruded floating fish options for Catfish and Tilapia.
  • Our catfish feed is presented in 5 variants to suit the growth of your fish from fingerlings till maturity. These include : 2mm, 3mm, 4.5 mm, 6mm, 9mm, etc.

TopAqua Fish feed (Catfish)

Our deluxe fish feed pellets are specially formulated to float, thus they have been produced under best manufacturing practices (BMP).

We supply good quality, full-floating freshwater fish feed to the Nigerian aquaculture sector. Our feed offer competitively-priced and specially formulated pellet sizes which meet international quality and safety benchmarks.

Fish feed production

  • The maximum temperature during extrusion and expansion is up to 150 degrees. A variety of micro-organism helps improve the quality of feed and reduce the disease of the digestive tract of fishes.
  • After extrusion, the structure of feed pellet is loose, porous, crispy and with good taste and flavour.
  • Extrusion can make the starch pasting and protein organized, which is beneficial to the digestion of the catfish. This improves the digestibility and utilization of the feed.
  • Floating feeds on water help to improve feeding, reduce waste and improve the feed conversion ratio.
  • Using the floating feed helps inform the amount of feed given to the fishes daily and helps prevent water pollution, growth of harmful microbes and reduces the chances of mortality.
  • Topfeed brand of fish feed helps promote faster growth. High in nutritional content with amino and protein balance, they are tailored to the needs of the African catfish and farming practices in Nigeria.

Stages of producing floating fish feed include:

  • Grinding, mixing, extrusion, drying

Feed Variants

Floating pelletized fish feed is processed in two ways: pelleting or extrusion to get premium fish feed pellet.

  • Floating pellets: Floating pellets are loosely pressed when manufactured, thus filled with small air pockets which make them buoyant and easy to float. The processing method also facilitates the destruction of anti-nutritional factors and other contaminants. Floating feed pellets are also extremely stable in water.
  • Extruded feeds: Ground feeds that are forced through a die under pressure and steam heat. Extruded feeds are thought to be more digestible. The extruded floating feeds are favored by farmers in Nigeria because they allow observation of the feeding processing thereby preventing wasteful feeding.
  • Sinking pellets: Conventional pellets made to sink are generally compressed much more tightly and have almost no air space within. Thus, they sink rapidly and often crumble and pollute the water. This often leads to wastages due to inability to detect when the fishes are satisfied with feeding.

Ingredients of the floating fish feed

  • Fish products, oils and fats, cereal grains, concentrates, additives

Specification: TopFeed Aqua (Floating Feed Pellets for Catfish) – 15kg


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