This item will be available on

Fri, 17th DEC 2021 | 1PM

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  • Customer must have a record of 1 order with us.
  • Customer must be willing to say thank you to Èkìtì Market in a video
  • Only one unit can be purchased by a customer
  • Limited quantity available, so it’s a game of fastest finger.


  • If you don’t have the required purchase record with us, you can boost your record by purchasing anything no matter how small from Èkìtì Market before the date.
  • You can buy anything from our vendors
  • You can buy items you normally use at home such as soap, sugar, toothpaste, oil, foodstuff, etc
  • What is important is not the quantity of what you buy but the number of times you place an order.
  • If you can’t find the item you need on our platform, kindly chat us on 07034673084 and tell us what you need and we will add it for you.

Note: The purchase record mentioned under the requirements is not the number of items you purchased but the number of times you placed orders on Ekiti Market.