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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Only people in the following states can sell on Ekiti Market as at now.

  • Ekiti
  • Ondo
  • Osun
  • Oyo
  • Here is our customer service line 07034673084 (Call & WhatsApp)

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  • Ekiti Market provide additional channel to market and sell your products or services to more people.
  • Ekiti Market offers low marketing costs compared to other sales channels
  • You don’t have to sell on credit as buyers are expected to pay for the goods at purchase or at delivery.
  • Our platform allows new opportunities for sales outside the sellers geographical location (Inter state sales)
  • Ekiti Market is popular with customers as people now consider us as the major buying point.
  • Being part of Ekiti Market provides a level of trust between you and the buyers.
  • Impartial reviews of sellers who bought your products or service may give new customers the confidence to buy from you.
  • Ekiti Market offer opportunities to establish new trading partnerships with traders and suppliers.
  • Ekiti Market provides greater transparency and availability of products
  • Prices and stock levels are accessible in an open environment.
  • It is possible to sell round-the-clock as your products can be seen and purchased 24/7. Buyers can even buy your products while you are sleeping.
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