A-Z Vendors Guide

A-Z Vendors Guide

Welcome to Ekiti Market vendor’s guide.

If you are already selling on Ekiti Market or you are planning to start, kindly take your time to read through this page as the information contained on this page will guide you through everything you need to know when it comes to selling on Ekiti Market.

Should you have any questions about this article, please reach out to us by clicking here.


Understanding Ekiti Market

Ekiti Market is an online market with the focus of helping small and large business to sell their products conveniently online through the use of our technologies. Although Ekiti Market primarily operates in state capital of Ekiti State (Ado Ekiti), however our operations and activities still takes place smoothly in other parts of the country especially the south-west.


Nevertheless, only people in the following states can sell on Ekiti Market as at now

Ekiti State

Ondo State

Oyo State


How to become a Vendor

If you want to create a Vendor account please read the information contained on this page properly and click on the Application botton provided below this page.

Note that you will be asked some simple questions of which the answers have provided in this page. Please read through this page carefully so as to give accurate answers to the questions as your application might be rejected if your answers are wrong. Also keep in mind that you will be required to pay a token as registration fee which is billed annually.

After your registration has been successful, you can always access your dashboard by typing the following in your web browser www.ekitimarket.com/sell

How to post your product

There are two ways to post your products on Ekiti Market.

– Through the website

– Through the App

We have provided a video guide on how to post through the two ways, please watch the video below


How to post product through the website

How to post product through the App


The App is the fastest and easiest way to post product. However, we have discovered that some of our users has some issue when they post through the App.


Please go through the following steps to see if your phone does not have any issue with the App

– Upload your first product through the App

– Close the App completely and launch again

– Scroll down to the button where recent product appears. (You should see the new product you just uploaded)

– Click on it and check if your store name appears on the product page.

If your store name appears (for example,sold by smart hup), then you can continue using the App. If not. Please continue using the website to upload your product.

We hope to fix this issue in our next upgrade. We will notify you when we do.

Dos & Don’ts


– Make sure the title/name of your product of your product describes the exact image that you upload

– Make sure your product description is well explained and gives every details about the product. If you are uploading a shoe, make sure sizes and available colours reflect in the product description.

– Make sure you select the appropriate category for your product.

– Make sure you upload a clear and proper image for your product, your product image should have the item as the main focus in the picture


– Do not watermark your product image with your contact details or social media handles.

– Do not attribute false qualities to your products in order to get sales

– Do not include you contact details, your social media handles in the product description.

Why you may be banned or suspended

Your account may be banned or suspended if ……

– you inscribe your contact or social handles details in your product description

– describe your product in a way that is deceptive to the customer

– your product is out of stock and you did not update it in your store or delete it

– your store receive too many negative reviews.

If your account is banned or suspended you will receive a notification from us with possible way to reactivate it.

How to fulfill your order

Whenever somebody purchased an item in your store, you will receive an email notification which will also include the product purchased. You are expected to send the product to our office within 48hours for further processing.

Our commission

Ekiti Market gets 3% of the total amount. However, if 3% would not be comfortable for you due to the profit margin on your items, you can contact us for negotiation and we may configure your account for a lower percentage.

How to withdraw your Money

Please watch the video below to know how to withdraw your money.

Note: You can only withdraw your money 3days after the order has been marked completed and the minimum withdrawal is #2000


For more inquiries, please contact us through our “contact us” page.

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