About 2K Shop

About 2K Shop

Since we started the campaign for the 2k shop, all our customers have had their expectations high and they are asking a lot of questions. And to be honest, there are lots of BIG offers to grab this time around.
  • As you already know that Èkìtì Market is known for irresistible offers, we are here again with another catchy stunt, we call it the 2K SHOP.

2k shop Explained

  • What really is this 2k shop and how does it run?
  •     What is 2k premium?
These are the questions that has been flying around since we started the campaign and we will do our best to explain them on this page. First off, let talk about the 2k shop.
  • The idea about the 2k shop is to reward our loyal customers who has always been buying from us or who will start buying from us.
The 2k shop is a section in the Èkìtì Market App where we provide easy access to all the products on Èkìtì Market that are either N2,000 or below. These will help our customers to quickly locate cheap and useful items that they can buy to boost their purchase record with Èkìtì Market.
  • When the 2k shop is on, you will find it on the home screen of our App. If you don’t have our App yet, please download it from the play store/App store. You can easily locate it by searching for Èkìtì Market.
The products in the 2k shop are grouped into different categories which you will find in the app
  • Now lets talk about 2k premium
This is the juicy part of the 2k deal. The 2k premium is another section under the 2k shop where you will find high value products like phone, quality shoes, TV, Gadgets and so on for sale……
  • Guess what?
They are still sold for N2,000 only.
But there are Conditions that qualifies anybody to buy them.
  • These conditions may vary from products to products depending on the decision of our marketing team. However, the conditions will be clearly stated in the description of the product, one factor that would be common in the conditions is a track record of previous orders from Èkìtì Market.

The 2K Shop and the 2K Premium are our own way of saying Thank You to our valued and loyal customers. You can read more about the 2k premium here

  • If you haven’t been buying from Ekiti Market, it is time you start buying. We have thousands of products across over 100 categories. With Ekiti Market, there is always something for everybody



  • The 2K shop is going to run through the month of October, so you have enough time to enjoy the offers

You can connect with us on our social media handles. for more jaw-dropping offers.

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