Read this before it goes off!!!

Read this before it goes off!!!


Ekaaro oo!

  • Please pay attention to the following to get the most out of our flash sales
I know you’ve seen our Flashsales abi?

Yes it,s starting today…
  • The Flash sales is a daily Bonanza we do to help you get products very very cheap!
  • Do you know in this our Flash Sales Bonanza you can buy something that’s 50k for 15k and it’s still same Quality.

Don’t get scared!

We don’t intend to scam you. We are passionate about You and we want you to enjoy better life this period after the whole Corona matter!

  • When you Log in to our Store by 2pm daily you stand the chance to get all products on display cheaper than you get it in the market plus it will be delivered to you!
  • Can you believe that?!

If you enter the store and do not see what you are looking for or what you are looking for is with the Inscription “Out Of Stock” it means that someone else has gotten it already so try again tomorrow you might just be Luckier to get better offers.

Our Flash Sales sweet o! Noe be Beans!

  • Our Flash sales runs from 2pm-4pm and if you are not far from us, it will be delivered to you that day. No shaking!!!
  • Don’t be scared!

You’ll pay on Delivery so that you can see that all this talk that we are talking na because we Love You!


  • If you are not in Ado-Ekiti (There’ll be extra charges in order to deliver to you without wahala)
  • P.S. Our Flash Sales Runs Daily till the Day You Taya for us? but you noe go Taya!


  • We are TRANSPARENT and we intend to deliver Value and Trust to you.
  • See you by 2pm!
  • Make sure you register an account in our mobile app ahead of the time because you won’t be able to make purchase if you don’t have an account with us.
  • If you don’t have our app yet, please download it from the Play store for android or App store for iPhones

Note: The prices of the products are exclusive of the delivery fee which is N500

  • Brown Mike-Ebo
    COO ÈkìtìMarket

EKITI MARKET – The largest online market in Ekiti State with multi-seller capacity

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