Vendor policies

Ekiti Market's Vendors policies

Before applying as a vendor on Ekiti Market, please carefully read through our policies and terms of use to avoid violating them.

1. Scope
• Ekiti Market is a fast growing online marketplace offering quality products across various categories, we aim to use the power of modern technologies to enhance the promotion of locally produced commodities from our vendors across the country.
• The vendors will have the opportunity to sell their products on Ekiti Market platform we are entitled to accept purchases on behalf of the vendor
• we are limited to referring customers to the vendors and accepting orders and payments on their behalf.
• This platform is currently provided on our website and our mobile app
2. Our rights and Obligations
• The vendor acknowledges that the relationship between both parties (customers and Ekiti Market) is governed by the privacy policy and the general terms and conditions
• Ekiti Market will display on the website/mobile app the products listed by the vendor, while the vendors will be responsible for posting and updating
their own products
• In order to maintain reputation for quality and high standard of service, the organization reserves the right to terminate the relationship with vendors if bad reviews are submitted repeatedly and/or the vendor fails to comply with our recommendation.
3. Vendor’s right and Obligations
• vendors are obliged to provide all the information necessary when listing a product on the platform, they should include detailed title and sub-title, price, quantity, picture one the platform and description. A vendor must be very careful of misrepresentation of product or misinterpretation. He/she must notify the company of any changes.
• The vendor will be responsible for keeping an up-to-date inventory of all the products listed on the platform.
• The vendor does not have the right to communicate with customers for processing the transaction
• The vendor must send or bring the product to the company for accessment before delivery
• Vendor must drop a responsive email address and also check their mail at all time
• The vendor must agree to adhere to his range of product subscribe for and as described in their listing on the website
• Vendors must also guarantee to take great care to keep up-to-date his range of product, price and stock count
• The vendors agrees to pay Ekiti Market a percentage commission(if applicable) on the gross revenue from their sales made through the Ekiti Market platform.
• Ekiti Market has the right to adjust the percentage commission, providing suitable notice is served in advance to the vendor
Customer online/offline payment
• The case of an electronic payment such as (debit card, or transfer) our payment structure is secured and it will be directly to Ekiti Market.
• For direct payment, you pay to Ekiti Market by cash or pick-up, this can be when product will be picked up by buyer
Involving and Vendor payment.
• The customers pay the exact amount to the company, so the money is sent to the vendors after the completion and satisfaction of delivery
• Ekiti Market does not guarantee that our services will be free from any malfunction, but we will exercise all care and skill to resolve issue related to our services.
Both party must keep confidentially the content of this agreement and all other information and must be kept away from 3rd party.
Our license
We have the right to maintain vendors listing and ranking. We also give opportunity for ratings and reviews of vendors goods & services
Terms and termination
• The agreement is valid as soon as the merchant signs the contract, or fulfill and order referred by Ekiti Market and remain indefinably until termination of offer
• Termination can occur any time with prior notice of weeks by email
• Right to immediate termination covers a negative ratings and reviews of a product on the website, misleading information on product.
• Types, mistake and transmission errors are exchanged from termination as long as they are rectify.
• Ekiti Market has the right to alter this terms and conditions without giving any justification. In that case, we will notify all vendors on the modification.
• The changed terms and conditions are considered agreed by the vendors, if he/she does not object within 2 weeks of notices.
  • About the policy; purpose; and application
  • Ekiti Market remedies for vendors breaches
  • Breaches that result in financial penalty
  • The amount of financial penalty
  • How we apply and communicate financial penalties to vendors
  • Further instructions


About the penalty policy 

Ekiti market strives to maintain quality product across various categories in other for our customers to shop with trust and confidence. We have a range of policies, guidelines, terms and conditions directed towards maintaining our standards

In an event where vendors fail to comply with policies, guidelines, terms and conditions, we reserve the right to apply penalties

The purpose of this policy is to ensure transparency in dealing with every. Penalty


  • Remedies available to Ekiti Market for a breach of the terms and conditions, policies and guidelines
  • Breaches subjected to financial penalties.
  • Level of financial penalties that may be applied
  • How we apply and communicate financial penalties



This policy applies to all vendors selling on Ekiti Market


Our remedies for vendor’s breaches

Ekiti market may apply financial penalty in respect of the following

  • Quality control failures
  • Sale of counterfeit product and
  • Sale of restricted product




 Quality control failure

Ekiti market operate strictly on quality control procedure and any breach in this term will impose a penalty fee of N2,000 in all product that fails quality control checks, including for any of the reasons listed below


Quality control failure reason

  1. Wrong item: Fulfill an item different from what was ordered
  2. Defective item: An items not working in line with specifications, item missing parts, broken seals or stains 
  3. Used/Refurbished item: Items that have previously been used.
  4. Counterfeit product: We prohibit the sale of counterfeit product on Ekiti Market and we will swiftly remove such products from the supply chain. We will impose a penalty fee of N10,000 in every counterfeit item that we discover 


Prohibited or restricted products 

These are product that will never be sold of Ekiti Market due to illegally, Any breach on this will amount to the penalty of N50,000 on vendor in respect to any prohibited product discover

Ekiti market may periodically review and amend the level of the financial penalties applied

How we apply and communicate financial penalties to sellers

We will communicate with our vendors through mail on any breaches and related penalties applied to their slot and also bit will be visible on their account

Further information

If you are a vendor and you have further questions on the policy, or penalties fee charged to you, please contact the management

1. About this policy: purpose; scope; and application
2. What are prohibited and restricted products?
3. How does EKITI MARKET detect prohibited and restricted products?
4. What are the consequences of violation of this policy
5. Further information
1. About the prohibited and Restricted policy.
1.1 Purpose
We are working hard to ensure our buyers trust over our products are protect against sales of illegal, unsafe and unlicensed product when they shop on our platform, therefore, the purpose of this policy is to help our seller work with us to ensure that there is no place for illegal product.
1.2 Scope
Prohibited products are products that will not be sold on our platform due to illegality, while restricted products may only be sold if certain criteria are met
This policy sets out:
  • Products that are prohibited from sales on EkitiMarket or subject to restriction:
  • How vendors will identify such product;
  • How EkitiMarket detect such product to prevent their sales:
  • Consequences of violation of policy. 
1.3 Application.
This policy applies to all products listed by sellers on the Ekitimarket platform.
2. Prohibited products
The sales of the following products is prohibited on  Ekiti Market;
  • Weapons
  • Currency
  • Narcotics
  • Used products
  • Harzardous
  • Dangerous products
  • Counterfeit products
Restricted products
Restricted products are subject to local licensing and other requirements. Specific restricted products will also vary by market but could include the following:
  • Product that require proof of authenticity in order to distribute or sell
  • Products that requires a license for import; and restricted products maybe sold subject to the seller providing Ekiti Market with the appropriate of license/ authority to sell, which may include: a local regulatory permit, an import license, letter of permit from manufacturer or authorized distributor.
2.3 List of Prohibited and Restricted Products
We constantly update the list from time to time in other to stay current with available information and changes in the law. The List represents a helpful guide for sellers but it is not exhaustive, and we rely on sellers to take full responsibility for exercising good judgment in respect to their product listing and ensuring that their products comply with the laws and regulations of the market in which they are listed for sale.
3. How does Ekiti Market detect prohibited and restricted products
We detect a prohibited or restricted product in the following ways;
  • Product creation: when vendors upload their products, the products are subjected to approval by Ekiti Market before is it published, vendors will receive notification of all prohibited or restricted products that are uploaded.
  • Product content updates: Edits to product are subject to approval by Ekiti Market before they are published on the website.
  • Physical Inspection: We conduct physical inspection of product for our vendors who are willing to be verified, provided they have a warehouse, shop and store. This will enable them to have a verified badge on their product. (Verified vendors product are trust and reliable for  customer use).
  • Report: we encourage all buyers, brands and manufacturers who have concerns about the sale of prohibited and restricted products to notify us through our contact details provided below.
4. What are the consequences of violation of this policy?
 If a vendor upload prohibited or restricted product in violating this policy and the law, we shall block such product and apply the appropriate financial penalties. Further corrective action may also follow, which are as follows,
  • Delivering the stock to the relevant law enforcement authority, without reimbursement to the seller and at the seller’s cost
  • Suspending or terminating the seller’s shop on EkitiMarket;
  • Withholding all payments to the seller and / or 
  • Commencing legal action against the seller (the sale of unsafe or illegal products may also lead to criminal prosecution).
5. Further information
If you are a seller and you have any questions about this policy, please contact our seller support team.